Jack3d Reviews – USPLabs Jacked Supplement Review Video

In-depth review of USPLabs Jack3d. Find out what pre-workout Jacked is, the ingredients, side effects, when to take it and for how long to take this supplement.

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USPLABS Jack3d Advanced

The best just got better! We took the Jack3d back to drawing board and built it from the ground up and what we have come up with is nothing short of amazing. Though DMAA was never actually proven unsafe we took the groundless threats as a challenge and decided to take the high road and just do some good ole fashioned hard work and research to provide our loyal fans with a viable replacement for the original version and we truly believe we have been successful!


  • All of the power of Jack3d without the crash some users reported
  • Boost Muscular Strength with clinically validated ingredients
  • Boosts mental performance, acuity and focus
  • Boosts energy through ATP and a Synergistic Stimulant blend

The original 45 serving container of Jack3d is on the Mount Rushmore of pre-workout supplements.  The extreme energy, intense focus, and muscle-gorging strength made it a fan favorite.  Unfortunately the government banned 1,3 DMAA and USPLabs was forced to remove the product from the marketplace. 

USPLabs was forced to re-formulate Jack3d, and Jack3d Advanced was introduced shortly thereafter.  A quick look at the customers reviews on the Best Price Nutrition website show that 14 of the 16 reviews gave the product a 5 star rating!  That demonstrates just how highly-regarded that pre-workout formula is.

Jack3d Advanced contains a creatine blend, beta-alanine, yohimbe, and caffeine.  The formula looks similar to the orignal product, with a few tweaks.  This should be a great addition to your pre-workout supplement regimen.

USPLABS Jack3d Micro

USPLabs has done it again with their new potent pre workout formula that rivals the top selling original Jack3d. With new and unique compounds and ultra potent micro technology Jack3d micro is one of the top pre workout formulas on the market with ingredients that have been show to increase exercise performance and transforming your body beyond previous limitations.

Jacked Micro vs. Jack3d Original: The main difference between the two versions is the loss of beta-alanine, creatine and DMAA in the new Jack3d Micro.


  • Contains Clean Energy Ingredients for Increased Strength
  • Contains advanced Creatine formula to increase muscular strength and endurance
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

Whats Jack3D Micro you ask? Its the NEW and Improved Formula from USPLabs updating one of the most popular pre-workouts ever!

Beta Testers have raved amazing results from their initial trial of Jack3d Micro and comparing to a cleaner, smooth energy that gets you through even the most exhausting workouts.

Jack3d Micro contains unique patented and trademarked ingredients that turns an average workout from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

  • CNS Stims
  • Micro Patented Compound
  • Long lasting and Sustained Energy
  • (Multi-Pathway Ergogenic Aid)
  • New Lean Mass Test Matrix
  • The Alpha Activator