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Mixing Preworkout Supplements 

Right off the bat we just want to say that this post is aimed at those who are no strangers to preworkouts and wish to change things up while maximizing the potential of the products they love!

We get asked what are some of the best preworkout stacks on a daily basis. So we decided to compile a resource based on both our own experiences as well as our customers! Now we must first establish that mixing preworkouts especially two different products containing stimulants can result in adverse effects so always start on the low end; more is not always better especially when it comes to stimulants. 

Mixing Preworkouts can be extremely effective whether you’re mixing a non-stimulant with a stimulant or even two stimulant products with one another.

Just always be aware of Caffeine content and start at half the lowest recommended dosage of each. 

Best Non-Stim Preworkouts for Stacks and Combos

The most common Non Stimulant preworkouts we noticed being used are iForce Nutrition’s Hemavol and Omega Sports Ultima. These can be virtually added to any stimulant supplement without causing any issues. Other than ridiculous pumps & vascularity of course! Honorable mentions are CTD Labs Noxivol and BSN Nitrix & which are both non-stimulant preworkout N.O. boosters. 

Mixing Two Preworkouts especially ones with stimulants can be a bit tricky but once you get the dosages down the synergy between the two can result in and we quote “God-Like Workouts”.

Popular Preworkout Mixes with Two Stimulant Products 

Crazigin Stack (Craze & Origin)

Driven Sports Craze & Genomyx Origin

1 Scoop of Craze with 1 Scoop of Origin will yield 250mg of total Caffeine from two different types of caffeine. Pair that with hefty doses of pump enhancing ingredients in origin and although this is a really New stack its going spread like wildfire!

 Driven Sports Craze & ProSupps Jekyll Stack

Driven Sports Craze & ProSupps Jekyll

Using 1 Scoop of Craze and 1 Scoop of Jekyll will yield 180mg of Caffeine. Jekyll brings Agmatine & Glycerol along with Norvaline. Craze contains Betaine and they both contain Citrulline for almost painful pumps and a focus unlike anything we’ve encountered. Take this Stack, Then You Have My Permission to Lift!

 ANS Ritual & Driven Sports Craze Stack

ANS Ritual and Driven Sports Craze

1 Scoop of each of these will yield (around) 250mg of Caffeine. Ritual packs the beta alanine, Agmatine, and since they both contain Citrulline and Betaine expect to be nice and vascular! You might have to be dragged out of the gym on this one!

Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde Stack

ProSupps Jekyll & Hyde

Start this one off with a HALF Scoop of Each since Hyde is quite Potent! This will provide 250mg of Caffeine. Just Like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde You wont recognize yourself after taking this one!



Best Preworkout Stacks Stimulant with a Non Stimulant

CrazEvol Stack (Craze & Hemavol)

Craze & Hemavol Crazevol

1-2 Scoops of Craze with 1-2 Scoops of Hemavol. Nuff’ Said.


CTD Labs Noxipro & Noxivol Stack

CTD Labs Noxipro (Chrome) and Noxivol

1-2 Scoops of Noxipro and 4 tablets of Noxivol and you will truly have the best of both worlds, Pump & Intensity! Its So Veinnnnnnnyyyyyyy!

ANS Performance Ritual & Dilate Stack

ANS Ritual and Dilate

1-2 Scoops of Ritual along with a Serving (or 2 if you’re brave) of Dilate will result in roadmap vascularity and pumps that last way-hey-hey after your workout!

Craze & Ultima Stack

Driven Sports Craze and Omega Sports Ultima

The focus on this combination is incredible; seriously you might find yourself analyzing the design in the gym floor.  Awesome Pump and mood enhancement too!


To reiterate: If you can’t relate to the pictures below or 'don’t get them' then mixing preworkouts is probably not for you....


  3 scoops1 scoop meme

So there you have it. These are just a few of the more common preworkout combinations we have been asked about, come across or tried for ourselves! If you have any questions or comments Please do not hesitate to ask them below!



By David Schroer