New Research - Add 5.6 Lbs of Muscle in 30 Days by Mixing Toilet Water with Protein Powder

mixing toilet water

Scientific Studies have suggested that mixing Pure Toilet Water has shown substantial results when applied to protein powder. In a double blind placebo test the group that mixed their protein powder with toilet water had 148% more muscle mass than the placebo group. That is 5.6lbs more muscle mass in just 30 days!  Scientists first discovered this unusual phenomenon when they accidently dropped their protein directly into the latrine causing a bend in the mRNA molecules present in their sample packet. They found that Toilet Water contains specific alanine’s and threonine’s that bind together after a flushing cycle, which they refer to as “Flush Binding”, to create this micro-bacterial protein fiber that is quickly absorbed by our digestion system.

“It’s a quite amazing phenomenon we have here…There are multiple interesting implications of our work and none of this would have been possible if we didn’t follow our curiosity,” says Dr. Merde.

They went through extensive biochemical analysis to prove their hypothesis that Toilet Water is much more beneficial with protein powder than water or even milk which is commonly used instead. They believe the multiple deposits from the variety of people diets amalgamate into a protein bonding structure that just isn’t present in regular drinking water.

Dr. Merde and his team of scientists could potentially receive the next Nobel Peace Prize for this discovery which is going to help millions of American’s Protein Consumption that they are lacking in their diets.

“We didn’t set out to defy science…Call it dumb luck if you will, but this luck is going to change the Global Economy and the way people think about their health,” says Dr. Merde. “It seemed rather ambiguous to my colleagues at first, but once they drank this magic elixir they were sold”.

brown nanoparticle

Scientists coined the term “Brown nanoparticle” to describe the unusual protein bonding structure that is found directly in slightly used Toilet Water.

Benefits of Mixing Toilet Water with Protein Powder

Scientists claim there are multiple, positive benefits of Mixing Toilet Water directly with Protein Powder. The most substantial results were observed when using a 100% Whey Protein Isolate with a recently flushed bowl of Toilet Water. Results were also present when the Toilet Water wasn’t flushed however not as substantial.

“We already have multiple DNA strands of protein within our bodies before consumption so upon unloading excrement we are just adding more rich protein into the Toilet Water,” says Dr. Feci.

Still skeptical? Research has shown a substantial muscle growth when applying these principles to our daily protein intake. On average 5.6lbs of muscle mass in just 30 days.

pre and post toilet water

As shown in chart 1.4F, there is highly concentrated muscle growth when using Toilet Water vs. not using Toilet Water.

comparison toilet water

Figure 3.2g suggests that Total Mass, Lean Mass Increases on Toilet Water However Fat Mass Decrease on Toilet Water.

Real People Results of Toilet Water

We did our own research to determine how factual this data is because we weren’t quite sold on the idea of using Toilet Water. Could it be true that water from the Toilet actually helped increase protein absorption and muscle growth?

Let’s see what our customers had to say:

“Being a 26 year old Male I had my doubts, how could it possibly be that I have been missing out on this gem my whole life? That right below me there was this “God” like substance that I could blend with my protein shakes and gain more muscle? I’ll have you know that after dropping about half a pound in the lavatory, I gained it all back in a weeks’ time by implementing this team of scientists theory into my regimen. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about their health,” says Mark from Baltimore.

“My first thought was this must be some kind of sick joke but then I heard my friends talking about it at the gym. So in the gym locker room I found some toilet water to give this a go because I had a sample packet of Gold Standard Whey in my gym bag. Before I even finished drinking my shake, I felt so alive! I can’t even explain the euphoric feeling attached with this. If you’re not TW’ing, you’re missing out!” says Cristina from California.

“This worked better than creatine and pro-hormones combined,” says Buff Daddy Gym Lord from Florida.

We even had a negative review:

“Are you people crazy?! Toilet Water with your protein shake? Ew! I only mix pure Dr. Pepper with my Protein Powders and I suggest you do the same!” says Nicole from Chicago.


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