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Most Economical Whey Protein Supplement Choice

Helping you find the most cost effective whey protein powders! 

We field many questions regarding what are some of the most economical whey protein supplements that we carry. So we figured we would try and provide this as a helpful guide to not only shed light on some of the more cost effective whey protein supplements but also teach you how to calculate the cost per gram of protein to help you determine a good value from a rip off.

Equation for determining whey protein cost per gram of protein.

Servings x Protein Per Serving = Total Protein

Cost / Total Protein = Price Per Gram of Protein


Highest Quality Most Economical Whey Protein Isolate 5 Pounds

Allmax Isoflex

(CFM Cross Flow Micro-filtered) 90% Protein

75 Servings x 27g of Protein = 2025

Price $87.99

87.99 / 2025  =$0.043

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Highest Quality Most Economical Whey Protein Blend

Allmax Nutrition AllWhey Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate blend 5 Pounds

69 Servings x 25g of protein = 1725

Price $52.99

52.99 / 1725 = $0.03

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Now depending on your individual needs as well as budget will ultimately determine what protein you require. But if you have it narrowed down to a few this can help you find the absolute greatest value. Additionally the sources of protein depending on quality will affect the overall price. 

We truly hope this helps you!


We also have a video on the subject too!  

By David Schroer