MyoBlox Relaunching Next Friday

MyoBlox Relaunching Next Friday

MyoBlox is a relatively newer supplement line, they had some great supplements like their Nootropic Energy Powder Skywalk among others, and had a clean modern branding, so it was surprising back in July when MyoBlox announced they were closing up shop and going away.

Well we've recently learned that MyoBlox is returning. The brand took to Instagram to announce an all new website with a sign-up page, simply saying "The Blox Is Hot" followed by "Don't Call it a Come Back". The site also featured a countdown clock with a date of Next Friday September 22, 2023.

It appears MyoBlox is making a comeback. Not sure exactly what that will look like ie will MyoBlox return with an all new line, or some fan favorites with some new formulas and possibly new branding? We'll have to wait until next Friday to find out, however it appears they are making a comeback. Stay tuned for more info!

Sep 14th 2023 John Frigo

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