Aaron Singerman has stepped down as CEO of Blackstone Labs to pursue “new and exciting ventures.” He mentioned that he was looking to tackle new projects and achieve the same level of success he had with Blackstone with other businesses.

The first thing he has revealed is a new company called RedCon1. A lot of new information about this company has surfaced in the last week. When its products become available, they will have a total of 13 new supplements to start with.

What Do We Know So Far?

Here are all the details that have been announced for each supplement:

  • Fade Out is a sleep aid for deep and restful sleep. It will help you get high quality sleep no matter how many hours you need per night.

  • Total War is a pre-workout. Includes a powerful combination of stimulants and nootropics with nitric oxide compounds.

  • ISOtope is a whey protein isolate.

  • Mental Trigger is a nootropic with cutting edge chemical compounds to keep your brain where it needs to be during high stress moments.

  • Breach is a branched chain amino acid formula for muscle growth and repair.

  • Double Tap is a fat burner/appetite suppressant.

  • Cluster Bomb is an intra-workout supplement based on increasing carbohydrates. It can also decrease delayed muscle soreness in the days following a workout.

  • Big Noise is another pre-workout that focuses on pumps.

  • Somal-1, Somal-4, and Somal-Nor are DHEA prohormone supplements.

  • Shield is a cycle support supplement to control estrogen-related side effects.

  • Aftermath is a post cycle therapy supplement to balance hormone levels and protect internal organs.

When Will They Be Out?

RedCon1 is moving very quickly with things, and their supplements and apparel are expected to be released within the next month or two. There is a definitely a lot here to choose from. You can like our Facebook and follow our Instagram to stay tuned for any new RedCon1 information.