new iforce protean


New Version of iForce Nutrition Protean!

That’s right! iForce Nutrition has just announced that they will be tweaking the popular Protean Formula for the better! The first Flavor will be titled Mighty Milk Chocolate! 

What will be changing?

The new Label shows 5 more grams of protein per serving. 1 less carbohydrate & 2g less fat! The majority of the protein will be sourced from instant whey protein concentrate & Microparticulate whey protein concentrate. And will go from 53 servings to a whopping 67!

New iForce Protean Label

 protean label

Where to Buy iForce Protean

This should be arriving within the next week or so so be on the look out!

Be Sure to check back here for more updates on flavors!

Or look at the current delicious flavors of iForce Nutrition Protean!



By David Schroer