Nubreed Nutrition Whiplash: Stim & Pump Pre-Workout

Nubreed Nutrition Whiplash

Nubreed Nutrition has been hinting at a new product for months, and we finally have some details to share with you. Whiplash is an energy and pump pre-workout supplement. The formula utilizes popular ingredients ike Beta Alanine, Betaine, Agmatine Sulfate, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, and most notably Theacine. The forumla uses efficacious doses of each of these ingredients, with transparent dosing for the main ingredients.

Stim and Pump are the two most important parts of any pre-workout supplement, and Whiplash has both of these in spades. Unlike competing products, you won't experience the dreaded crash that can ruin your workouts. Nubreed Nutrition also removed creatine from the formula. Most lifters already take this as part of their post-workout regimen, so the 1-2 grams usually included in pre-workout products is unnecessary.


Nubreed Nutrition Whiplash will initially launch with two flavors.  Most companies have 4-5 flavors for their pre-workout supplements, so we anticipate more flavors being added eventually.

  • Mango Orange
  • Blue Raspberry

Whiplash Benefits

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Training Intensity
  • Laser Focus
  • No Crash
  • Accelerated Recovery

Primary Ingredients

Nubreed Nutrition Whiplash contains a combination of the most popular pre-workout ingredients combined with Teacrine.  A breif summary ofthe primary ingredients are listed below.

Beta Alanine: Increases strength, mass, endurance, and training intensity.

Betaine Anhydrous: Increases strength, power, and muscle protein synthesis

Agmatine Sulfate: Nootropic that increases focus, mood, and removes free radicals.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: Burns fat, faster recovery, increases work capacity.

Theacrine: Increases energy production, mental focus, mood, and protects against free radical damage.

Release Date

We expect Whiplash to be made available to online retailers in the next couple weeks.  Updates will be coming shortly.