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The Most Popular fat burner has gotten a facelift just as so many other products have with the FDA coming down needlessly on 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine. It appears as if USPLabs have taken the same ingredient in Jacked Micro and put into their second flag ship product OxyELITE. The DMAA replacement is titled ‘Norcoclaurine HCL’ also known as Higenamine an ingredient that is also in the PES ALPHA T2 and PES ALPHAMINE so it appears that this maybe the new replacement for the presently tarnished 1, 3 DMAA. Rounding out the blend is Yohimbine so people will definitely ‘feel’ this new formula, perhaps even more so than the previous version.

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 Buy the New Formula for $35.99!

By David Schroer