All the rage right now is Branch Chain Amino Acid products and how supplementing with them may or may not help in recovery and performance. BCAAs are essential in building muscle and enhancing protein synthesis but do we get enough from food and do we need to supplement with Amino Acids products….the findings and results are mixed among experts and supplement companies .  Well, if you are looking a product that has been thoroughly researched and has been shown to actually have a positive impact on performance and recovery, remember this name PeptoPro. 

What is PeptoPro?

PeptoPro is a hydrolyzed casein protein as opposed to a hydrolyzed whey protein and is unique in being a pre-digested milk protein, derived from casein. Current whey protein hydrolysates on the market are obtained via 'classic' hydrolysis. This ‘classic’ form of hydrolysis leaves proteins tasting bitter and absorbed slower due to a large amount of left over larger peptides and free form amino acids that can cause some allergic reactions. Peptopro  uses a patented enzyme technology that breaks proteins down into the smallest of parts allowing for better absorption.

PeptoPro is comprised of small pieces of protein called peptides - mainly di- and tripeptides. It has two key advantages. First, PeptoPro amino acids are quickly taken up by the body and delivered to the muscles just when they are needed most - during and directly after physical activity. Second, compared to intact protein and other hydrolysates, PeptoPro  has better taste and texture properties making it a superior form of protein suitable for all types of athletes looking to better their performance.

Key Features:

  • PeptoPro consists of di- and tri peptides and so can be aborbed and reach the bloodstream quickly and easily.
  • PeptoPro not only reduces muscle protein loss, it even builds up muscle mass.
  • PeptoPro also helps to reduce muscle damage, resulting in a higher and faster storage capacity for energy-containing compounds and a reduction of post-exercise muscle soreness.


Why use PeptoPro and Products that contain it?

PeptoPro is a trademark and licensed form of casein protein hydrolysate so you know you are getting a quality product. PeptoPro has been around for years in the Australian and European market and every year grows in popularity in both the scientific and sports nutrition community. Peptopro is being touted as one of the best protein products on the market due to the technology and the science behind it and its ability to have such an effective impact on performance. If you are training heavily either in the weight room or on the training field then you need a product that will help you recover faster and help improve performance and with PeptoPro you will notice consistent improvement.

Is it worth the added cost?

Well personally I would say that the inclusion of PeptoPro is worth the additional cost because you know what you are getting. There is a saying that applies in this case and it is “You get what you pay for”. This protein isn’t expensive just to increase profit, it’s expensive because of the technology they use to separate the peptides and the fact that is actually works. I have used many products and have had a lot of good results but one thing that I will not exclude from my supplement stash is products containing PeptoPro.

If your budget allows for a pricier and better quality protein supplement then I would recommend you pick up a protein that contains PeptoPro or even order bulk PeptoPro and add it to your current protein powder/product. You will notice the difference in how your muscles feel as well as the reduced recovery time frame. PeptoPro is quickly gaining notice and accreditation and should be a top product within the next few years.

Products Containing PeptoPro:

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By Tony Brettman