PEScience Vegan Select Protein

PEScience has announced the release of a new variation on their extremely popular and very clean Select Protein. PES has been wanting to change their marketing strategy to appeal more to everyday consumers rather than just bodybuilders and get their products into more homes across the country. This new Vegan Protein is part of a product line called the Vegan Series, which means there will probably be more vegan products coming from the company in the future.

What’s In It?

This product does share the name of Select Protein, but the vegan version is obviously quite different from the original. While the original contains a blend of whey and casein, this vegan formula features 20 grams of protein from pea concentrate and brown rice concentrate. For those who are unsure about these sources, pea protein has been shown to be just as effective as whey protein for building muscle. And rice protein contains essential amino acids and has actually been shown to work better compared to whey protein. This protein is also sweetened with stevia, a 100% natural calorie-free sweetener.

Sizes and Flavors

PEScience will be starting off Vegan Select Protein with two familiar protein powder flavors, Chocolate Bliss and Vanilla Indulgence. It is going to be available in a 27 serving tub and a much smaller trial size 7 serving tub.


This protein was released exclusively through one retailer very recently, but it appears they have already sold out and it is not for sale anywhere else yet. We will be getting it here at Best Price Nutrition, and you can like our Facebook and follow our Instagram to see when it arrives. For now, you can browse our other PEScience products right here.