Prime Energy Drink Gets a New "Original" Flavor

Prime Energy Drink Gets a New "Original" Flavor

Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Beverage Brand has been one of the hottest drink brands of the past year. Both the Prime Hydration Drinks as well as the Prime Energy Drinks have been incredibly popular with stores selling out and sellers on eBay and Amazon charging upwards of $100 for a single can after the brand initially launched. 

Well KSI and Logan Paul took to Instagram to announce an all new Original flavor of Prime Energy Drink coming soon. Prime is currently available in 6 flavors including Ice Pop, Strawberry Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Orange Mango and Lemon Lime so the soon to arrive Original flavor will round out the flavor options at 7. 

So what flavor is the new Prime "Original" Energy Drink going to be? Nobody knows as of yet. Typically white colored energy drink cans tend to be a citrussy glacier type of flavor, however seeing as how Prime already has a Lemon Lime flavor that seems like it may be too close of a flavor to roll out something like that. Most people online are guessing the Prime Original flavor is going to have that typical generic energy drink flavor ie something like a Redbull, Monster or Rockstar flavor, the flavor that screams energy drink but which none of us can really describe what it is.

As far as a release date and where to buy, Prime nor Logan Paul or KSI have announced an exact delivery date though we are hearing its on it's way out to stockists right now. I just checked Youtube, Instagram and TikTok and haven't yet found a review video yet so no word exactly on what the flavor is or what people think about the new drink but it should be hitting grocery store and gas station shelves any day now and we'll likely be bringing you a review over at the Best Price Nutrition Youtube Channel as soon as we get our hands on a can. 

Oct 3rd 2023 John Frigo

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