One common question we get here is for the different uses of red palm oil. Like other oils there are many different things you can use it for, besides for what Dr. Oz talked about. We are going to go into those today. As well as uses, we are going to discuss some popular recipes using Red Palm Oil.

Red Palm Oil Uses

The main use of Red Palm oil is for cooking. This use has been around for decades. Many customers use this in place of other cooking oils such as vegatable oil (bad!) or even coconut oil, which is a favorite here.

For the history buffs, Red Palm Oil was used as a industrial lubricant during Britain's Industrial Revolution.

The other main use of it is in soaps. Companies such as Palmolive use it in many of their soaps. Maybe that's where the company's name actually came from?

Red Palm Oil with Eggs Recipe

Now this is where Red Palm Oil shines! There are so many different recipes that one can use with this product. Because of the flavor, its a very popular cooking oil for eggs and omeluts in the moring. I personally use coconut oil with my eggs in the morning, but people seem to like red palm oil as well.

It's pretty easy to do to. Instead of using butter or another oil, use 1/2 cup of red palm oil with 3-4 eggs. I also add a bout a 1/4 cup of skim milk for fluff. Now this is personally how I have used Red Palm Oil, but you can change up the amount based on the flavor you like.

I have also cooked it with chicken, which I wasn't a big fan of. Basically anytime you have used oil to cook with in the past, test it out with Red Palm Oil instead. Some things you will like, some things you won't. Have fun!

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By Jeff Moriarty