Turning back the clock has been a fascination for many & we may never be able to actually do it, there are many steps we can take to make sure that we reduce or even reduce the signs of aging by making sure our bodies hare supplied everything they require to build a healthier younger looking YOU! Wouldn’t you like to start a new year looking younger than the previous 5! We hope to show you a few ways you can achieve this!

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Plan: A guide to Look up to Seven Years Younger!


The first thing people see is our face and in order to ensure that face is a young & vibrant looking one; we must ensure that the health of our facial skin is top notch! We all know that it is important to wash our faces but too much washing can be detrimental and actually lead to premature aging, dryness & wrinkles! The following 3 tips aim to help you create an effective routine that will lead to vibrant healthy looking skin!

Look for products containing AHAs

Using an alpha-hydroxy (AHA) based cleaner, AHAs are gentle cleansing acids derived from fruits that get into pours and clean out the dirt that has accumulated over the day. This allows the skin care products to get deep into pours & begin their work. While allowing new cells to reach the surface because of the newly exfoliated skin!

Mild Facial Cleanser 


Do Weekly Skin Care Peels

To get your skin looking years younger we recommend doing a weekly skin care peel or anti-aging mask. This will help the skin rid itself of dead skin cells in turn making your skin brighter & tighter! Look for products containing AHA or Glycolic Acid!

Rejuvenating Skin Cream Peel

Last but not Least a Good Moisturizer!

After you have completed your nightly cleanse, wake up in the morning and be sure to have a good moisturizer. Find one containing ceramides; a fat which can help your skin keep moisture in & irritants out. A dime sized amount applied evenly over the face should be adequate!  

Hyaluronic Moisturizer


Anti-Aging Nutrition & Nutrients

It all isn’t about the products you put on your face! We must ensure that our bodies have what they need both inside & out to produce beautiful healthy looking skin that helps shed some years & keep you looking younger than you truly are!

 beautiful skin  

Vitamin C for Healthy Skin

By helping our bodies get rid of harmful free radicals Vitamin C is great at combating oxidative stress and boosting our immune systems! Found in Fruits, & Bright Peppers but can also be supplemented for best results take with food!

Vitmain C 


In order to give our skin the building blocks to create collagen & healthy looking skin that is tight & doesn’t sag we have to give it the amino acids found it protein to do this! Great sources are Eggs or you can even add a protein supplement derived from Egg Whites if you want to avoid the added fat!

Flavored Egg White Protein

Selenium for Damaged Skin

A vital mineral that protects our skin from injury when exposed to UV radiation. Found in Whole wheat Barley or in supplement form if you don’t want all the extra carbs & gluten!

Solaray Selenium

Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Blemishes

By calming inflammation that can result in skin blemishes and many other problems, omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most important things to be getting in your diet. Their benefits are extremely far reaching and people are generally severely deficient! Grass Fed Beef, & Salmon are great sources, but supplementation is the easiest most convenient way to get adequate amounts per day!

Omega 3 Fish Oil  


Sleep to promote Anti-Aging Benefits

Poor sleeping habits not only impact our skin but our health in general! Be sure to follow these tips to be sure you’re getting adequate & restoring sleep!

Sleeping Position

The best way to sleep is known to be on your back not just to reduce wrinkles & age lines but for general health as well. Sleeping on your back can help digestion, reduce acid reflux & promote correct breathing patterns while helping you  feel less achy!  

Be Consistant

Sleep consistency may actually be more important that the number of hours you get per night! The body is an amazingly adaptable machine so if you can only get 5 or 6 hours of sleep be sure you’re getting that every night and you r body will adapt and release the necessary hormones which promote healthy body functions including skin & cellular repair!

Be sure to get some exercise!

Even if its close to the time you go to bed; new research indicates that a few minutes of stretching or something as simple as planking will not increase the heart rate too much and will signal necessary processes to be sure we are getting deep rejuvenate sleep!

If you still find your having sleep issues these are some calming  & relaxation promoting products that will get you to sleep sooner & get deeper more restful levels of sleep every night!


Valerian Root



 anti aging supplements 

Anti-Aging Supplements

Pycnogenol is a fantastic new development in skin care & anti-aging! The primary component of Pycnogenol is its ability to increase the levels of the enzyme which increases hyaluronic acid production by 44%! THAT’S A LOT! Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for giving skin its tautness & keeps it wrinkle free, as we age our production of hyaluronic acid decreases. Women taking pycnogenol for 12 weeks began seeing nearly unbelievable results, in terms of smoother skin, fine line reduction & more supple looking skin!

Pycnogenol is generally safe with no-known interactions with other herbs, supplements or medications. Daily Recommendations are 25mg spread over 3 doses per day. Can take upwards of 12 weeks to begin noticing changes and should continue to be used to keep up hyaluronic acid production.  




We at Best Price Nutrition really hope you have enjoyed this Guide & truly wish our customers get the results they seek! Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments, We would Love to Help!

By David Schroer