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USPlabs Oxy Elite Protein Powder

Looks as if the research and development department over at USPlabs have been busy as of late. With OxyELite Powder, Jack3d Advanced and now OEP Protein Fans of USPlabs have has one heck of a good year for new supplements to seek their teeth into.

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Oxy Elite Protein Powder Information

Little is known as of yet but it appears that Usplabs have added a few things that are out of the ordinary as far as proteins go which may lend to the name share between this and their fat burner.

With Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Protein Diegstiong Enzymes as well as a new digestion resistance fiber known as PolyDextrose. OxyElite Protein is definitely a protein powder that is aimed at people looking to cut down and lose weight.

Protein Powder for Weight loss?

With the summer months approaching and people looking to trim down and others who have trimmed down but want to keep the lean this is going to be a hit especially when more information regarding the carb/fiber source which has been added comes to lite this may very well be a new frontier in protein powders. As we know USPlabs is no stranger to pushing the envelope and developing bleeding edge products so be on the lookout for the inner circle release and for Oxy Elite Protein to be making an appearance in the coming weeks!

Buy it Now for $32.99!



By David Schroer