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Can I Take Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Bean Extract Together

With the popularity of the two big fat loss products talked about on the Dr. Oz Show, Raspbery Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract, we are overwhelmed with questions regarding both. Many of these questions will be answered among the various blog posts I make on the subject. One popular question regarding both is...

Can I take Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Bean Extract Together?

 You can take both raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract together, or take them strategically. What do we mean by that? Well you should take these products at different times to get the best results. For example, the Green Coffee Bean Extract works best if taken about 30min before meals. The 2 meals during the day that are the highest in carbs. Raspberry ketones, on the other hand, are excellent to take before exercise or physical activity, or if no activity is done that day, take 100mg in the morning and possibly another 200mg at lunch.

Now if you are interested in taking both, we have even a stack put together with the exact doses talked about on the show.

The Mega Fat Burning & Reducing Stack

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