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Dr. Oz 1000mg Calcium Pyruvate Fat Burning for Thighs

On Today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talks about supplements that help you burn fat in troublesome areas such as thighs. Dr. Oz talks about a way to get rid of fat in your thighs by just increasing your metabloic rate. But how can you increase your metabolic rate? Well, Dr. Oz recommends this certain ingredientto speed up your metabolism so you can get rid of that pesky thigh fat. What is this fat searing supplement? 1000mg Calcium Pyruvate

Dr. Oz, What is 1000mg Calcium Pyruvate?

Pyruvic acid is found naturally in the body! This acid helps convert sugar and starches into energy, and therfore increasing your metabolism. But the body can only create a certain amount in which it stablizes and maintains the fat storage in your body. By increasing the amount of Calcium Pyruvate in your body accelerates metabolism and burns the unwanted fat in your fat storages!

1000mg Calcium Pyruvate Directions:

Dr. Oz recommends you take 1000mg of Calcium Pyruvate before each meal.

Where Can I Buy 1000mg of Calcium Pyruvate?

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