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Dr Oz 5HTP & The Pain Power Pill

Fatigue Fighting Diet
Dr Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she was exhausted all the time. She had a busy lifestyle with work, her 3 children and a jewelry business on the side.

Dr Oz Fatigue Remedy
-Dietary problems
-Not enough sleep
-Not enough exercise
-Can't deal with stress

The audience member stated she took supplements but that she knew she could be doing more. Doctor Oz suggested taking 5HTP. (You may remember this as a mood-boosting supplement, but it also aids in sleep.) Dr Oz says that carving out 1 extra hour of sleep per night will help eliminate stress and will help you wake up feeling refreshed. (So, you won't need that caramel latte.) 5HTP is sold over-the-counter in drugstores.

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The Pain Power Pill
On today's show (7 Days: 7 Solutions to Pain), Doctor Oz gave you 7 days to help get rid of your pain and to improve your health without prescription medications. 160 million people complain of constant pain. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 people will have back pain at some point in their lives. More than 20 percent will have reported pain to their doctor. On the Doctor Oz Show, he tackled your pain issues one layer at a time, from the muscles, to the nerves, to the skeletal system. By the end of the week, your pain will be gone! Dr Oz showed you how to fight fatigue, cut cellulite and even how to get rid of that chronic headache. Read on to find out how you can turn your health around in just 7 days. Michelle, from the audience, joined Doctor Oz on stage. She told him that she had neck and back pain, which came from sitting all day long.

Dr Oz on The Pain Power Pill

Day 1- Lower Back Pain- Your muscles work just like a ladder.

You can open and contract them with exercise, such as walking or jogging. Minerals prevent muscles from latching up and having a spasm. If you take away minerals, your body will not move properly. Without that ability to open, your muscles will spasm and cause pain.

Remedy: The Pain Power Pill- This is a combination of potassium, calcium and magnesium. The pill should contain 600 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium and 200 mg potassium. You can purchase this pill at any health food store or pharmacy.

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