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Dr. Oz 600mg DHA Omega-3 from Algae

On yesterday's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz recommended taking omega-3s even after reports say that it might not work or live up to what everyone had though. He said that even after these reports, he is still recommending it to his patients. Dr. Oz recommends taking Omega-3 with at least 600mg of DHA. That is the key here. You need to find an omega-3 formula with that amount. He also recommended that you take an algae formula as well.

600mg DHA Omega-3 Formula

If you are looking for this formula, we have it at Best Price Nutrition. It is by Minami Nutrition.

Minami Nutrition VeganDHA Orange Flavor 60 Gels

This Vegan formula provides 300mg of DHA per serving. Its from algae as well. Only $27.97 Now!

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