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Dr. Oz Agnus Castus for PMS Stress

Dr. Oz Agnus Castus for PMS Stress

PMS Stress Relief

Today's Dr. Oz Show was all about ways to help women feel better and look better...well healthier too! One thing that many women go through is stress from PMS so this is one area Dr. Oz wanted to tackle. The supplement Dr. Oz recommended for this was Agnus Castus!


What is Agnus Castus?

Vitex has also been called the chaste tree. Vitex has been used by women for thousands of years. Vitex grows in Mediterranean countries and central Asia. The dried fruit, which has a pepper-like aroma and flavor, is used in herbal medicine preparations.

What did Dr. Oz Say About Agnus Castus

If you have bad PMS symptoms, Dr. Oz recommends to take around 150 mg of Agnus Castus per day at the onset of your symptoms.

The Studies Shown To Help PMS

A controlled clinical trial found that women taking 20 mg per day of a concentrated vitex extract for three menstrual cycles had a significant reduction in symptoms of PMS, including irritability, mood swings, headache, and breast tenderness. Another double-blind trial found that women taking vitex had slightly greater relief from symptoms of PMS, including breast tenderness, cramping, and headaches, than those taking vitamin B6. These trials support the findings of preliminary vitex trials for women with PMS. Vitex (32.4 mg per day), in combination with some homeopathic remedies, has also been found in a double-blind trial to successfully treat breast tenderness (also called mastalgia).

A review of other trials and case reports suggests there is at least preliminary support that vitex should be considered for women with irregular periods, infertility, and mildly elevated prolactin levels. Double-blind trials have confirmed the effectiveness of vitex at lowering mildly elevated prolactin levels in women. According to one small trial, acne associated with PMS, may also be reduced using vitex.


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