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Dr. Oz Artichoke Weed Extract for Digestion

On today's show Dr. Oz talked about several ailments and their remedies. In this particular episode, Dr. Oz focuses on digestive issues and how a certain product can clear up some of the most common issues. What was the remedy to tackle digestive problems? Artichoke Weed Extract!

What is Artichoke Weed Extract?

A popular nutritional supplement in Europe, artichoke extract has a long, successful history of liver support--particularly for those who have a history of liver-related problems. Enzymatic Therapy's Artichoke Extract is standardized for consistency and developed in accordance with the herbal monograph of the German Kommission E--the world model for regulating herbal products.

Bile flow is essential for liver health. Research shows that artichoke leaf extract supports healthy bile production in the liver and healthy gastrointestinal function and health in general.† In fact, artichoke may support healthy cholesterol levels already within normal limits.

Dr. Oz on Artichoke Weed Extract

Dr. Oz says that taking artichoke weed extract it can fix your digestive issues. Take 1 capsule 2 x per day. Artichoke Weed Extract will increase the amount of bile needed in the process of digestion.

Artichoke Weed Extract Directions/Dosage

Take 1 capsule 2 x per day

Where to Buy Artichoke Weed Extract

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