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Dr. Oz Black Raspberry Freeze Dried

On today's show Dr. Oz talked about supplements that can aid in the prevention of cancer scpefically esophageal and cervical cancer. What was that supplement? Freeze Dried Black Raspberry!

Dr. Oz, What is Freeze Dried Black Raspberry?

Black Raspberry may help in the prevention of esophageal and cervical cancer. Freeze Dried Black raspberry contains chemicals that aid in the protection against cancer by blocking the blood supply to tumors.  The antioxidant Ellagic Acid  is found in high quantities in black raspberries.  And, as all of Dr Oz’s fans know, antioxidants are essential when fighting against free radicals that cause things like Cancer and Heart Disease. Look for the freeze-dried capsules.

Freeze Dried Black Raspberry directions

Take at least 300 mg 2x per day. One 300 mg capsule is equivalent to 4 cups of black raspberries.

Where to Buy Freeze Dried Black Raspberry

We have 400mg capsules of Freeze Dried Black Rapsberry for 22.99

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