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Dr. Oz Bromelain for Sinus Headaches & Congestion

On a recent Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about remedies for different pains in the body. He knows that when most people get certain types of pains, they reach for the medicine cabinet or go to the nearest doctor for the best medication. Well he wanted to bring to light some natural remedies for these pains. One was Sinus headaches and congestion.

Dr. Oz on Bromelain for Sinus Headaches and Congestion

Dr. Oz said the Bromelain is perfect for sinus congestion and headaches. It's naturall found in pineapple, but you can also get it in supplement form. It helps decrease inflammation and is best for those suffering from sinusitus.

You can purchase 500mg (Dr. Oz recommended at least 400mg per day) for just $15.75 for 60 capsules!

Life Extension Bromelain 500mg 60 Caps

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