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Dr. Oz Caraway Seeds for Bloating

On a past Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about different supplements for bloating. One of these supplements he talked about was Caraway Seeds. Now we searched high and low to find these, and finally offer them in pill form for you to take!

What are Caraway Seeds?

In many ancient practices, from African to Chinese and ayurvedic medicine, caraway seeds have been recommended to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Rich in vitamins and minerals, caraway seed are a powerful digestive aid that helps eliminate gas, thanks to its carminative properties, which prevent the formation of gas or aid in the expulsion of gas. Bloating occurs when bad bacteria release gas in your intestine. Caraway seeds inhibit the growth of that bad bacteria and allow good bacteria to digest food.

Dr. Oz's Caraway Seeds Dosage / Directions for Bloating

Take caraway seeds after meals to stop gas from causing the bloating that makes your belly expand. You’ll help your digestion and feel much more comfortable – and svelte – after eating.

Where to Buy Caraway Seeds?

We now have caraway seeds available in capsule form. Each capsule provides 1,000mg of caraway seeds. You can but them for just $12.98 now!

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