Dr. Oz Chitosan Fat Burning for Your Butt

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talks about ways to rid yourself on unwanted fat, specifically your Butt. Everyone want that desitred hour glass shape and now with the help of this supplement you can achieve that look! But what is this supplement that helps burn fat off your buttocks? Chitosan!

Dr. Oz, What is Chitosan?

Chitosan- Superior Fat Absorbing Action Chitosan is a unique fat-absorbing dietary fiber derived from crab chitin. We use Vanson Liposan Ultra® Chitosan, which rapidly dissolves (solubilizes) in stomach acid. Greater solubilization means that Chitosan binds to ingested dietary fat almost immediately, greatly reducing the amount absorbed during digestion. Studies show that Lipoosan Ultra® Chitosan binds several times more dietary fat than other leading national brands.

Chitosan Directions:

Dr. Oz recommends you take Chitosan twice a day!

Where Can I Buy Chitosan?

We have Chitosan for only $12.99 here!

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