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Dr Oz & Dr Weil DGL Licorice for Acid Reflux

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Dr. Oz & Dr. Weil DGL Licorice for Acid Reflux

Recommended on a recent episode of the Dr Oz Show, Dr Oz and Guest Dr Andrew Weil both recommend supplementing with DGL Licorice to help sufferers of Acid Reflux!

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Dr Oz & Dr Weil DGL Licorice for acid Reflux

The standard American diet is by know means a ‘healthy one’ and we wonder why we suffer from all of these ailments our parents never seemd to be affected with! Digestive issues, heartburn, stomache pains, IBS, ulcers are all effects from eating the foods that have become ‘the norm’, add in a stressful work day and that can compound these problems!

Dr Oz Acid Reflux Solution

DGL Licorice What is it?

Pronounced in its entirety deglycyrrhizinated licorice, we prefer DGL to be honest. Don’t confuse this with candy licorice either that may just increase your digestive issues! DGL is an herbal extract that has been found to have potent effects on indigestion & heart burn associated with Acid Reflux, and not producing enough acid.

DGL Licorice How Does it Work?

By increasing the amount of mucous in our stomachs and lower esophagus as well as the intestinal tract it helps fortify our barrier between our linings and the harsh acids that digest our ‘food’.

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Dr Oz Dosages and Directions

Dr. Oz and Dr Weil recommend taking two chewable 75mg tablets before or between meals.

Where to Buy DGL Licorice Seen on the Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz potrayed this actual product that can be found HERE for only $10.79

DGL Licorice Side Effects / Warnings

If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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