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Dr. Oz FeverFew Remedy

Dr Oz on some of his Headache Remedies

Cures for your headache don't always come in a bottle. In this segment, Dr Oz showed you his all- natural headache cures that will give you fast and long lasting relief. Dr Oz brought up audience member, Renee, who stated that she had 4 kids and got headaches easily. (Boy, do I and millions of other mothers know this feeling.) Renee stated that her headaches normally occurred in the front, but sometimes she got pain on the side of her head.

Dr Oz on Feverfew Migraine Remedy

Migraine Headache: Women are 3 Xs more likely to have it. (Sorry, ladies!) With a migraine headache, you may become sensitive to light and sounds.
Remedy: Feverfew. This product comes from the sunflower family and reduces inflammation.

Source Naturals Feverfew Extract

- Feverfew Extract 400mg
- Feverfew Whole Plant 100mg
- 2 Pills Per Day for 25 Day Supply
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