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Dr. Oz Ginkgo Biloba Remedy

Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba Holistic Remedy

Jason from on the show wanted to know about Ginkgo Biloba because it claimed it was good for memory retention and energy.

What was Dr. Oz’s suggestion? TRY IT! Dr Oz stated that this product has been used for over 50 years and even longer in certain areas. Studies show that it slows down dementia and stimulates blood flow to the brain. Dosing is the key. To get the maximum results, start with 240 mg per day. You can then work your way up to 600 mg per day.

So What Supplements Have 240-600mg of Ginkgo Biloba a Day?

Life Extension Ginkgo Biloba Certified Extract

- 365 Caps
- 120mg Per Cap
- Only $34.50 Shipped!

Take just 2 capsules and you have met Dr Oz’s recommendation!

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