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Dr. Oz Glucomannan For Appetite Supressing

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about different supplements to help supress your appetite. One of these supplements was Glucomannon. Now Dr. Oz has talked about this supplement in the past, and is bringing it up again.

Dr. Oz Glucomannan

Dr. Oz refers to this soluble fiber called Glucomannon, derived from the root of the konjac plant as “nature’s skinny sponge” because it literally soaks up your hunger. When it is consumed, glucomannan “sponges” up water in the digestive tract, reducing the absorption of carbs and cholesterol and thus supporting weight loss.

Glucomannon can also help reduce constipation, diabetes and more in men and women.Glucomannon also makes you feel full without leaving you gassy or bloated like other fiber supplements can do.

Dr. Oz Glucomannon Directions

Take 1 gram, three times per day before meals

Where to Buy Glucomannon

You can purchase Glucomman here for just $11.99

Glucommannon Ingredients

Serving Size:3 Vegicaps
Servings per Container: 60
Calories  10  
Total Carbohydrate  2g
Dietary Fiber  2g  7 
Calcium  20mg  2 
Potassium  50mg  2 
Glucomannan  1.99g

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