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Dr. Oz Guggul Supplements 150mg

On today's Dr. Oz show, Dr. Oz talked about a few supplements that can help speed up your metabolism. One of these supplements was Guggul.

Dr. Oz on Guggul Supplements

Slow digestion. Dr. Oz says to take 150 mg of Guggul herbal supplements with your meals. This increases your metabolism to help melt off fat. Also, exercise is a must for this body type.

Andrea, an audience member, told Doctor Oz that she believed she had the Kapha body type. She didn’t like her body type because she was frustrated by her wider shoulders and hips. She told Dr Oz that she tends to have poor circulation so therefore would be using the silk gloves to help get her circulation moving. (Don’t forget the exercise, too!)

Where Can You Buy Guggul Supplements by Body Type

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• Positive effects on blood lipids
• Increases fat loss
• Optimizes thyroid gland function

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