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Dr. Oz Hawthorn Tea for Stress

On last week's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz has a entire segment on different teas that could help people with stress. He talked about Passionflower tea for sleep, Eleutherococcus Tea for nerviousness during the day and finally Hawthorn Tea for emotional stress.

What is Hawthorn Tea?

Dr. Oz talked about how this tea is from Europe and is part of the rose family. It has always been studied to help the heart and for it's positive cardiovascular effects. Hawthorn tea is high in flavonids and is a tea that can really sooth emoitonal stress. The best thing about this tea, is that it won't make you sleepy, so you can take it anytime!

Dr. Oz Hawthorn Tea Directions / Dosage

Dr. Oz says to take it anytime during the day. He recommended a cup at noon and another cup at night.

Alvita Hawthorn Tea

Alvita Hawthorn Berries Tea

 Bija Hawthorn Herbal Tea Blend is a tea with Hawthorn. You can purchase 24 bags for just $5.49!

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