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Dr. Oz Indole-3-Carbinol, Green Tea, and Turmeric

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about how your hormones could be making you fat. He described certain areas of problems and how to resolve them.

High Estrogen

Many men deal with abdominal fat. This can happen because the testosterone in your body is being converted to estrogen. So as your estrogen levels rise, you will in-turn get more fat in the midsection, a place where no one wants it.

Premenopausal woman also tend to have increases in estrogen. This is sometimes called "Estrogen Dominance". It can cause too much body fat around the hips and make it real difficult to lose weight.

Other Side Effects to Low Estrogen

  • low libido
  • memory loss
  • poor motivation
  • depressio
  • loss of muscle mass
  • increased belly fat


The Solution to High Estrogen

Dr. Oz recommended 3 different products to help fight high estrogen:


These 3 products can help the body get rid of excess estrogen and balance out the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. If you add something like ground flax, chia seeds and/or a non-psyllium should be able to get rid of even more negative estrogen.

All these products can be found at

By Jeff Moriarty

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