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Dr Oz Lutein for Healthy Eyes and Vision

By Dave Schroer

Dr Oz recently talked about the over 35 survival kit and everything you need to maintain your health as you proceed through ‘middle age’. One particular thing he mentioned was supplementing with Lutein to keep your eyes sharp as you age.

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 dr oz lutein 


By Dave Schroer

Dr Oz Lutein for Eye Health mentioned in the Over 35 Survival Kit

 dr oz lutein


Dr Oz Lutein: What is Lutein?


As we age our eyes show wear and tear just like everything else, but we can combat the degrading eye health and keep our vision sharp with a powerful anti-oxidant known as Lutein. Lutein has been found to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness in individuals over 60) by protecting your precious eyes from the damaging effects of sunlight.

 eye health

Dr Oz Lutein: Dr Oz Recommended Lutein Dosage

If your over 35 years of age Dr Oz recommends you supplement by taking 6mg in the mornings with food to enhance its absorption!


Dr Oz Lutein Side Effects?


Lutein is safe for most people. Even high dietary lutein intake of 6.9-11.7 mg/day appears to be safe. Lutein supplements 10 mg/day for a year have also been safely used.  

However please speak with a physician before starting any supplement regimen


Where to Buy Lutein as seen on Dr Oz?


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By Dave Schroer

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