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Dr. Oz Lycopene for Sun Protection

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about different supplements that can help you survive the summer. One big thing that we all do the summer is go outside. Now it's good to get a little Vitamin D, but most of us overdo it and spend way top much time in the sun. One way to help protect our skin from the sun is to take Lycopene.

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What is Lycopene Dr Oz?

Most people probably know about Lycopene from tomatoes. This is definitely a good place to get lycopene, but how many of us are eatting tomatoes each day, plus you need to eat quite a few! Another way to get lyocpene is through supplements. Lycopene boosts the body’s ability to protect it's skin by 33% and prevents damaging changes to your skin during the summer months.

How Much Lycopene Should You Take?

Now Dr. Oz recommends either eating a few tomatoes each day or to take about 16mg of Lycopene through supplements each day.

Where Can I Buy Lycopene?

We have 15mg Lycopene for under $27.One bottle should last you the entire summer.

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