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Dr Oz: Lysine Supplements Cold Sores

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about remedies for certain problems and conditions many people have to deal with. One problem was cold sores, which I think everyone has had to deal with from time to time!

Dr. Oz on Cold Sores

Lauren, from Hawaii, wanted to know how to prevent cold sores. She gets them every couple of months from stress  or the sun. The last one she had was about 2 weeks ago. Lauren told Dr Oz that days before the cold sore appeared, she got a tingling sensation. “Tingle is a sign not to mingle,” Dr Oz told her.

Lysine Supplements for Cold Sores

Dr. Oz recommended taking Lysine for cold sores. He said to take 1,000mg per day.

Where to Buy Lysine

This Lysine supplement is 1,00mg per capsule. To help fight cold sores, take 1,000mg per day or 1 capsule. Buy for Only $7.43

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