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Dr Oz & Mercola Ubiquinol & Devil's Claw

Ubiquinol Heart Supplement & Devil's Claw Arthritis Remedy

Dr Oz & Dr Mercola spoke about several Holistic Remedies, and you've seen natural alternative health trends on The Doctor Oz Show before but which are the trends that are going to be big in the New Year? For this segment, Doctor Oz asked 3 leading medical professionals to chime in on what big trends they believe will cross over into the New Year.

Dr Oz’s Ubiquinol Heart Supplement
Ubiquinol- This product is used for heart health, to keep it pumping strong. You can purchase this product online or in health food stores. For maximum effects, take 100 mg 1-2X per day.

Buy Ubiquinol for $46.50 + Free Shipping!
- 100mg Serving Size as Recommended on Dr Oz
- 1 Month Supply

Dr Oz’s Devil's Claw Arthritis Remedy
Bonus Tip: For arthritis pain, take 500 mg daily of Devil's Claw. You can purchase this item online or at health food stores.

Buy Devil’s Claw for $7.43
- 525mg Size as Recommended by Dr. Oz
- 2 to 3 Month Supply

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