Dr Oz on Vitamin B12 Definiency

Dr. Oz investigates how a vitamin B12 deficiency can age you. Find out how to get more B12 into your diet to help you feel younger and healthier. Dr Oz played a game called Win Your Daily Dose of Vitamin B12 to teach all of us how to get Vitamin B12 into our diets. Doctor Oz said that Vitamin B12 is important for our metabolism, memory and it can even help to prevent dementia.

Exhausted and forgetting things?

How about depressed? Does this sound like you? If so, you may suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency. Dr Oz says 40 percent of the population has B12 deficiency. Could this be you?

Vitamin B protects your body from disease. It is a crucial component to help you feel young and is vital in the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B is found in foods and you can even get shots, so why are so many people deficient in it? Statistics show that 47 million Americans are B12 deficient. Some of the risk factors include changes in your diet and medications you take on a regular basis. Symptoms of B12 deficiency mimic Alzheimer's, depression and stroke.

Before the show, Dr Oz's medical team took test samples of audience members. One-third of the audience members had low levels of vitamin B12.

Medical professional, Dr. David Katz, MD stated that you may be prone to anemia if you are deficient in B12. Our bodies cannot make DNA without adequate levels of B12. Lack of B12 also ages us because you are unable to replenish cells. People with low-levels are increasing because of our change in diet (we eat a more highly processed diet) and because of more use of prescription drugs.

Kate Geagan, Registered Dietician, stated that we should be concerned for those that are deficient because if left unchecked, this condition may have irreversible damage. Dr Oz asked why people in other countries, such as Japan, are not as deficient as Americans. Kate told Dr Oz that the Japanese acceptable cut off is twice as high and the Japanese people tend to eat a lot more seafood, which is higher in vitamin B12, as well as, take less prescription medications.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms

1. Do you suffer from an overall lack of energy?
2. Have you noticed any unusual mood changes?
3. Do you have difficulty concentrating or remembering?
4. Have you noticed tingling or numbness in your fingers or feet?
5. Has your tongue become inflamed?

Doctor Oz says that if you answer yes to even just one question, you may be deficient.

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