Dr. Oz Pea Protein Powder for Energy

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz is talking about what is better for energy, taking in carbohydrates, like many of us do...or taking in protein...and not just any type of protein, pea protein. Now you are probably thinking am I supposed to eat a bunch of peas? In this episode, he is talking about pea protein powder, the supplement you can purchase.

What is Pea Protein Powder?

One reason pea protein is very popular is because it's a rich source of highly bioavailable protein. And because it's a vegetable protein, it's very low in calories, which is great if you are trying to lose weight or stay at your current weight. Many other proteins on the market are higher in calories.

Vs. Carbohydrates

On the show Dr. Oz demonstrated how carbohydrates are a bad source of energy because your body wastes much of it, while the pea protein is mostly utilized by the body for energy.

Which Kind to Buy

Well on the show Dr. Oz pointed out that it should be one that is 100% pure pea protein and should have iron. We sell a 100% pea protein powder that matches the recommendations he made (low in sugar and added iron) and is made from yellow peas.

Now Foods Pea Protein Powder Unflavored 2 Lbs

You can purchase this bottle which weighs 2lbs for only $16.99. It is unflavored so you can mix it with anything.


By Jeff Moriarty

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