Dr. Oz Phosphatidylserine for Alzheimers & Memory

Phosphatidylserine, as seen on the Dr. Oz Show.

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Doctor Oz brought up an audience member who stated that she was stressed out because of money. Dr Oz Jujube Pills (Welcome to my world!) She stated money was very tight in her household but every year, the kids begged for more and expensive toys. She found it hard to stay within her budget because she always gave in and this stressed her out. Dr Oz sympathized, stating financial stress was always difficult and overwhelming. (He's on television, how would he know? LOL!) Dr Oz also stated that worrying about finances could take over your brain.

Solution #1:
Phosphatidylserine Supplements: These supplements are used to calm down the nervous system and to help you relax. The cost is $20 per bottle and you can purchase it online or a health food store. Caveat: do not take if you are on a blood thinner or if you are allergic to soy. (It's stressful just trying to pronounce this supplement!)

The next audience member had to preface her statement by saying she loved her mom-in-law and then admitted that they butted heads during the holidays. (Rough Translation...she wanted to throw her mother-in-law off a cliff.)

Buy Solaray Phosphatidylserine Complex for $21.10

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