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Dr. Oz Strontium

One product Dr. Oz recently talked about was Strontium. This was on an episode dealing with bones strength and bone loss, something millions of Americans deal with.

What did Dr. Oz say about Strontium?

Nature's Life Strontium Plus D3 & K2 60 Tabs

Dr Oz said he has never talked about this supplement before. Strontium is just beginning to grow in its awareness in this country. You know to take calcium for your bones, but calcium only helps bones that are already strong. Strontium helps to strengthen weak bones and reduces the risk of bone fractures by 33%.

Strontium Directions

Take 680 mg per day. Be sure to take this 4 hours after taking your calcium supplement.

Where can I buy Strontium?

We have Strontium in the exact 680mg dose talked about on Dr. Oz. You can purchase it for just $13.99.

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