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Dr. Oz Vitamin D for Weight Loss Diet

The Vitamin D Diet

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about the powers of Vitamin D. Here at Best Price Nutrition, we are big supporters of taking Vitamin D. Dr. Oz in this case is talking about it for dieting and weight loss...specifically called the Vitamin D diet. This is what Dr. Keri Peterson talks about in her book, called, well...the Vitamin D Diet.

Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 1000IU 100 Tabs

What is Vitamin D?

This nutrient not only is great for bone health and immunity, it also helps with weight loss. There were over 3,000 studies on Vitamin D and the benefits of taking it. Now you can get Vitamin D in many ways, through food is a big way, but you can also get it by being in the sun about 15min per day. The last way and quickest is through supplementation.

Dr. Oz Vitamin D Dosage / Recommended Directions

If you are taking this supplement to get your Vitamin D, Dr. Oz recommends 1,000iu per day. This supplement supplies you with 1000iu of Vitamin D per tablet. The best thing is that it only costs $4.49! Taking 1 tablet per day, this bottle will last you right around 3 months. Not a bad deal!

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