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Genesis Today 800mg Raspberry Ketones Coming Soon

Dr. Lindsey, the founder of Genesis Today was on the Dr. Oz Show and that's when Green Coffee Bean Extract was announced to the world. It became an instant hit overnight. Now, before this popular supplement came to the market, there was raspberry ketones. This was also one of the most popular weight loss supplements. We have a ton of brands that sell these raspberry ketones, but many people like Genesis Today and have asked for that brand.

Genesis Today Red Raspberry Ketones Soon?

Genesis Today






Well, we are excited to say that Genesis Today looks like they will be coming out with their own brand of red raspberry ketones in the near future. We don't have it in stock yet, but we looked at their website and here it is! This is something we are really excited about. Looks like they are going big with an 800mg dose!

Genesis Today 800mg Raspberry Ketone Dose!

Genesis Today’s™ Pure Raspberry Ketone is a potent compound that helps stimulate metabolism to burn fat naturally. Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound naturally found in red raspberries that helps support fat loss by activating thermogenesis (heat production) and lipolysis (fat breakdown) in the body. The chemical structure of raspberry ketone is similar to the structures of capsaicin, obtained from chili peppers, and synephrine, obtained from a citrus fruit, which are both scientifically known to influence fat metabolism. Raspberry Ketone helps promote healthy weight management by suppressing fat synthesis from fructose, inhibiting fat absorption, and aiding in fat oxidation.*

So what does it taste like? Well, they have said it doesn't have any flavor, but it's supposed to have a nice raspberry scent...kind of sweet. It's also vegan-formulated and very easy to swallow, which was a common concern with many people.

Genesis Today Raspberry Ketones Benefits

  • 800mg Raspberry Ketone Powder Extract Per 2 Capsules
  • No fillers or additives
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • 30 Servings

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