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Green Coffee Bean Extract Drinks / Shots

With the huge popularity of Green Coffee Bean Extract in recent months due to Dr. Oz, a ton of different types of supplements have come out pushing this powerful weight loss ingredient. Usually you would get the popular ingredient in a pill, most likely 400mg per capsule and then take 2 pills twice per day. Well Starbucks and just upped the anty!

Starbucks Green Coffee Bean Extract Drink / Shot

Starbucks is calling their new Green Coffee Bean Extract drink Refreshers. Here is what they have to say about it:

"We're really excited about the latest breakthrough in coffee - Green Coffee Extract.

All coffee starts as a green bean. Now there's a reason to keep it that way. Traditionally, after coffee is harvested, green coffee beans are roasted to bring out the dark colors and bold flavors coffee is famous for.

But now, Starbucks is using an innovative process to pull the naturally occurring caffeine and other good stuff from 100% green arabica coffee beans before they are roasted. The result is Green Coffee Extract - the natural energy from coffee, but with none of the coffee flavor."

Starbucks Refreshers Fruit Energy Beverages

Now we are pretty sure this will spin off into other manufacturers coming out with their own green coffee bean drinks and shots, but this looks like it's the first. So if you want to lose weight and get skinny, try the new Refreshers coffee from Starbucks.

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