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Horse Chestnut Extract Seed & Cream - Dr Oz for Varicose Veins

On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz talked about ways to deal with certain physical issues plaguing women over the age of 40. One common issue for women over 40, well any age, is varicose veins. One supplement he talked about being able to help with this was an ingredient called Horse Chestnut Extract.

What is Horse Chestnut Extract Seed?

Also Available in Horse Chestnut Extract Cream

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Horse chestnut seed was successfully revalidated as a phytomedicine in Germany in  in early 1964. Clinical trials support the venotonic, vascular protective, and antioxidant effects of horse chestnut seed extract standardized to escin, saponin. The hose chestnut seed extract in this product is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 18% escin. Solaray® Guaranteed Potency Herbs deliver confidence by providing exacting and consistent dosing of thoroughly testing herbs of the highest quality available.

Dr. Oz on Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Great for Varicose veins-spider veins, you normally put about 10 drops of the horse chestnut seed extract in a glass of water and the taste isn’t bad. $12 in health food stores. 300 milligrams a day if you take horse chestnut seed extract in pill form.

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