Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Hoax

Whenever a product, especially a supplement becomes bigger than life and promises the world, you always have to wonder if this product is for real or is a hoax. One supplement that become popular almost overnight was supplement called Green Coffee Bean Extract. Dr. Oz talked about this supplement and how it can help you lose weight. Overnight, it was selling out of stores. So, this comes to the question...

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Hoax?

Green Coffee Bean Extract does have numerous studies behind it. What these studies show is that it seems to work well for overweight people. But, with any dietary supplement, you have to exercise and diet. It's not going to work very well without that. You can check out the reviews on our site to see actual customer's results and thoughts after taking the product.

Kleissinger Labs Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg 60 Caps with Svetol

Product seen on the Dr. Oz Show here!

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