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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Stimulant?

Green Coffee Bean 

Green Coffee Beans

Are you thinking about taking the new fat loss supplement they are calling the "Miracle Pill"? Well we have sold a lot of this fat loss supplement and will continue to as it's the most popular supplement in the industry right now. Part of the reason of it's popularity it's its weight loss effects without the negative side effects. But people have a question when dealing with fat loss supplements, and it's a very important question...

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract a Stimulant?

When people think of stimulants, they think of rapid heart beats, high blood pressure, jitters and crashing. This is because many supplements out there have high doses of stimulants. Well, this is where Green Coffee Bean Extract is different. While it's technically a stimulant, it only has about 16mg of caffeine per serving!!! A cup of coffee has about 90mg! So this is very low, even if you are sensitive to caffeine. If you are usually turned off by stimulant supplements, I would look at giving this one a try, as it's sooo low in stimulants, you probably won't feel any stimulant-effects from it.

If you decide to give it a try, you can buy the bottle talked about on the Dr. Oz Show

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