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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract FDA Approved?

With Green Coffee Bean Extract becoming the next big fat loss supplement, there are a lotof questions that go along with that status. This is one of the biggest hits for weight loss since the Ephedra supplements in the 90's. Now Ephedra had a lot more side effects than reported with Green Coffee Bean Extract, but even so, people want to know something about it...

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract FDA Approved?

The short and easy answer is NO. The more detailed answer is that most dietary supplements and vitamins are not FDA Approved and they don't have to be. But, if Green Coffee Bean Extract was going after FDA Approval, it would probably get it at this point, as there have not been any major side effects in the trials, though there haven't been any long term trials either.

If this is a deal breaker, than you can pass on this and find one that is. If not, we sell the exact svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract talked about on the Dr. Oz Show for only $13.99

Dr. Oz Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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