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NRG-X Labs Maxx Test Q&A

A lot of questions have come out about the new supplement from NRG-X Labs called Maxx Test. This supplement will be coming soon to Best Price Nutrition, and a lot of people seem to be excited to try it! We asked NRG-X Labs to answer some popular questions and this is what we heard.

Question #1: How Long Does Maxx Test Take to Kick in and What Can I Expect From Taking it?

The answer here surprises me to be honest. When I heard the Lab guys over at NRG-X where trying the supp before it was out on market and feeling results in 3 days, I told Joshua (NRG-X Labs® owner) that wasn't really the norm and that they prolly where off a bit. Well they weren't. Typically in the other DAA products myself or my clients have run in the past we always felt a change in libido and strength in the gym after about 10-14 days, so I figure our product would be about the same.

However, after 3 days I DEFINITELY felt a change, like a light switch. My weights went up, hell even on the leg press I added another 90 lbs to my max this week, which isn't the norm for me as I have bad knees. I felt like a beast, and still do. Nothing has changed with me except adding the new Maxx Test.

Now, that's going to make some say “that's easy for you to say it's YOUR supplement” but folks I don't know what else to say but see yourself. This stuff is legit, I assure you. It's a game changer.

What you can expect is increased libido, strength gains right out of the gate (nutrition needs to be good here regardless or nothing is gonna work), and you should start to fill out just a bit if you are gaining and putting on muscle. If you ae dieting, you should feel better as test levels increase in your body, and preserve muscle.

Question #2: Is this the same as a pro-hormone, or anabolic steroids? And cant it be combined with them? Will it help with PCT after a pro-hormone stack or steroids?

Well here's the thing, Steroids are illegal, so first of all I dont want to get in a discussion about “that” but I will say, people who legally use testosterone in HRT settings DO take this product and it's raising their test levels as well. The thing is, you need to stop Maxx Test about 3 weeks prior to going to your doctor because your test levels are going to show a lot higher and the doc will take you off your prescription possibly. That's not a good thing because you have a prescription for a reason and are taking a change at losing it and becoming very unhealthy with low test levels.

This product can be combined and is a lot with anabolics or pro-hormones. Probably the best role it can play for someone going this route is as part of a PCT. Is it an HCG replace? Nah, not really but it does a good job of raising LH in the body and getting your natural test levels back up higher so you dont crash as hard afterwards.

One last thing this is NOT as powerful as anabolics, that's just not what it is and I'll never claim something that ridiculous. It's a nice addition for guys who are on testosterone or related compounds or a great addition if you are natural.

Question: Do I take this year round? Or does it need to be cycled off and what happens to my test levels when I come off?

Good question, pretty easy answer. So far after a couple of years of DAA being on the market (DAA is d-aspartic acid the staple ingredient in Maxx Test) it's known that you don't have to come off or cycle. This is an amino acid that raises LH in turn raising Testosterone in the body. So, for example if your test levels where 450 before using this, and they jumped to 650 which is about right and common, you would stay that high most likely while on and then when you came off there would be a 450 maintained test level by all reports with no crash involved. There's not shutting down, or no need for PCT as the hpta isn't brought into play or affected.

Question: Can women take this?

Alright, this is something I have been looking into for over a year now. The truth is, I don't know. I do know however there are females I know taking DAA and saw palmetto and maca root, 3 staple ingredients and I know what all of them do in females except DAA. I havent heard anything negative out of them or other women when I searched the web.

It's up to a female to decide to try this supp. I think what will happen in this scenario is breasts will enlarge which isnt a bad thing if that's what the female wants (that's a side effect of saw palmetto in women, and is even used to enlarge breasts in women who have difficulty there), sex drive will increase from test levels rising but also the hefty dose of maca root which is a libido enhancer. After a week on the Maxx Test I've heard one female tell me she's trying it half the dose or 3 caps a day and feels GREAT. I also think with the estrogen regulator being saw palmetto estrogen levels will be decreased leading to a leaner appearance and physique.

My advice, if you want to try it maybe start out at 3 caps instead of 7.

Question: What's the benefit of taking this while dieting if I am natural?

This product will easily make dieting as a natural athlete WAY better. We have all dieted for a show or been on an extreme diet to get lean and crushed out sex drive and test levels and lost lots of muscle. This product changes that, muscle stays much better with increased test levels, dieting is easier and you feel much better and don't seem to drag as much or as easy. A lot of people are reporting that using it in the middle of prep when they were struggling really boosted them once they started it.

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