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PGX Fiber from the Dr. Oz Show

Dr Oz's second Weight Loss Must Have is a product called PGX Daily. The average woman gets only 12 grams of fiber per day, rather than the 25-30 grams of fiber that helps to prevent weight gain. Doctor Oz said that they use PGX Daily Granule Sticks or Softgels in the Oz Household. He personally prefers the PGX Fiber Sticks which you can sprinkle on your berries, yogurt or even add to water. He said that PGX Fiber Supplements are the most powerful source of fiber that we know of. Fiber is so important because it helps to dump the sugar out of your blood stream so that you do not have dramatic up's and down's and you stay stable emotionally and physically throughout the day.

Another product where you can get more PGX Fiber (Glucomannon & Kunjoc Root) than the sticks is Garden of Life Perfect Meal.

The Perfect Meal gives you the PGX Fiber (Glucomannon & Kunjoc Root) as part of a 6 gram blend. Buy Garden of Life Perfect Meal for Only $27.96.

Available in Vanilla and Chocolate

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