BPI Get Hard Stack

Are you looking to get ripped this summer? Right now, BestPriceNutrition.com has the BPI Get Hard Stack on sale, plus you receive a free BPI T-Shirt with each stack purchase!

Want to look like those bodybuilders we see in magazines? This is the stack for you, making you lean and muscular, Promoting strength, Insane Pumps with an Anabolic stimulant, Androgenic and Estrogenic modulator.

What does the Stack Include?

-1 BPI Solid

-1 BPI A-50

What is A-50?

Introducing A-HD™ the ultimate estrogenic modulator and androgenic formula!* A-HD™ is designed to support increased testosterone production while minimizing estrogen activity.* Zero to little estrogen leads to a harder, leaner, more dry looking physique.* No more holding water, no more bloated looks, just rock-hard shredded muscle!* A-HD is the androgenic/estrogenic modulator of choice, as well as the top PCT (post cycle therapy), among all hardcore bodybuilders in the "know".* Ever wonder how to get that long lasting, hard-as-nails, dense, muscular look?* This is it. A-HD is The Ultra Concentrated Testosterone Booster.* Just one small capsule a day. That's it. Not 2-4 capsules at a time. Don't waste your time with anything else because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE A-HD™.

What is Solid?

SOLID™'s dual Anabolic and Androgenic activity results from the fact that it's formulated with a novel class of naturally-occurring compounds...* Compounds which appear to effectively bind to androgen receptors, and modulate protein synthesis and help decrease protein breakdown.* 1 The anabolic actions of androgens are demonstrated through changes in body, plasma amino acid level, and plasma urea level, among other indicators. 4-7

The physiological (regulation, metabolism, and mechanisms) importance of this dual anabolic and androgenic activity simply cannot be understated.* It is T-H-E key. The key to SOLID™, the key to getting the hardening, definition, strength, and vascular effects you want... and, need, to be contest ready!

BPI Get Hard Stack Directions / Dosage

BPI Solid - Take one (1) capsule daily (in the morning) at the same time each day, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Best if taken on a full stomach. For best results take four to eight (4-8) consecutive weeks (1-2 Cycles). Do not take this product longer than 8 consecutive weeks. An eight (8) weeks break between cycles is recommended.

BPI A-50 -  Take one (1) Capsule three times per day. Take every day. Must be taken on a full stomach. For best results take four to eight (4-8) consecutive weeks. A four (4) week break between cycles is recommended.

Buy the BPI Get Hard Stack Now for $62.99 + a Free T-Shirt While Supplies Last!

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